InfluxDB AdHoc filters querying


I’d like to know if there is any option (or roadmap) to create an AdHoc filter with InfluxDB but filtering only to show keys and tags of a specific measurement.

This will be useful to people who want to create different kinds of dashboards in the same datasource. Today all keys and values are displayed. I have many measurements and I want to create an AdHoc filter to my team explore my data but my dashboard only shows data of a single measurement.

Thank you.

It’s not currently possible, and not on our roadmap so would have to be a community contribution

I could almost swear this used to be possible in a previous version(s)…

Seems to be addressed in

@torkel, @voiprodrigo I was review the pull request that was above and I don’t believe it resolved the ADHOC filter challenges.

As shown in the current image, there is no ability to select measurements or retention policy image

In contrast, for example the EXPLORE window, has the ability to select a retention policy and measurement