Publishing Grafana graphs on my website

Hi floks,

I currently have Node-Red sending sensor data to an Influxdb database on a Raspberry Pi 4. From the InfluxDB data base I am able to create graphs in Grafana installed on the Raspberry Pi which I am able to access through ‘localhost:3000’. I am stuck here since what I eventually want to achieve is publishing the graphs to my website outside my local network. In this case on my domain

Any help here is much appreciated. Thanks.


welcome to the :grafana: forum, @astrojav

how comfortable are you with system administration / networking? This is possible, but not simple. As you’ve noted, you need to have a grafana instance that is publicly accessible on the internet. If you had that, then you could embed a graph inside an iframe.

You will also need to enable anonymous access to Grafana inside the Grafana ini configuration file, which is not possible on Grafana Cloud, so that is not an option. Therefore, you either need to make your local network accessible to the larger world, which is not a great idea (and complicated on a network level), or you need to host your own Grafana on your own infrastructure on a cloud provider like DigitalOcean or GCP.

Looks like your website is using a hosted wordpress provider who is handling the server-side and networking/domain-name side of things. I have a Grafana instance running on a 5$ mo droplet (virtual machine, running Linux) on DigitalOcean, but I have to manage the server, the setup, and the DNS. You would need something like that, which you could then fully control and which your wordpress site could reach. So, it’s do-able, but its a lot of backend server work.