PRTG plugin successor?

Hello there, the PRTG plugin is now discontinued.
any idea how i can get a similar result with the actual tool that grafana give us?

that’s how i i heard about grafana and i think it would be great to have an article about it to bring people in.

What are you looking for exactly? Prometheus and InfluxDB are two very popular options for storing metrics data that work well on Windows. There are tons of other options like Zabbix and Icinga too.

thanks daniel, my company is using prtg since 5 years now and we are not ready to change the way it work i am afraid

the prtg plugin make the link to grafana easy
we just need a good and stable plugin/link between prtg and grafana

Sorry, I interpreted your question incorrectly (that you were looking for something else). The PTRG datasource for Grafana is an open source project. If anyone wants to fork it and maintain it then the Grafana team would publish it.

noproblem :slight_smile:

finger crossed then :slight_smile: