Graphing network & network device stats without a plugin?

With the PRTG plugin going obsolete in the new grafana releases, is there a way to graph things like bandwidth or other snmp collected variables without a plugin to a monitoring system, or are we facing having to either a) implement a secondary monitoring tool with a supported plugin for network stats (looks like Zabbix or Promethus are our only options), or replace our existing monitoring system just to maintain grafana integration. It seems like there should be another way. Anyone run across this yet?

Does it not provide a rest api?

when you say “it” what do you mean? Network devices? we have many that are only internally available. We would need some type of internal snmp or api agent/proxy to query the devices and expose the data to grafana (that’s what PRTG does today). We’re a grafana cloud customer, so grafana has no internal access to our devices.

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gotcha. Yes by it, I mean the plugin but I was mistaken on that.

if you are a cloud customer, you really should call for support on how you could migrate this. I do not see a simple drop prtg and replace with 0 downtime, unless maybe PRTG owner creates a new version that will work or someone in your org forks and makes it work with new grafana. What is the reason it is going obsolete?

Another idea is to spin up influxdb in your cloud account and use telegraf to populate influxdb and via influxdb flux query language you can get your dashboards back.