Total Internet Usage

Has anyone come up with a working query against interface snmp oids to track total bandwidth utilized over a given period, eg. monthly.

Grafana 5.1.4
Influx 1.6.3
Telegraf 1.8.1

Thanks in advance


Grafana don’t work SNMP or other network protocol, he gets data from other primary source where this one have already the data.

If you wan’t to get bandwidth you can work with PRTG which monitor yours devices and install plug-in PRTG grafana working with REST API.


I should have been more clear.
I have a Telegraf job retrieving interface data from the gateway router.
I am looking for a query that will support Total bandwidth utilization over the course of a calendar month.

Again, I apologize for the confusion.


I don’t know Telegraf but google told me that it works on influxdata, maybe you can use influxdata plugin integrated directly in grafana.

However the solution with PRTG can work too, the product is free for 100 Sondes. If you use it tell me there is many particluarity on grafana to work as you want !