Pulling data in from Cisco Switches/Routers

Hi all. I signed up to post this, as I can’t really find much online in regards to how to do this. And please excuse me as this is all new to me.

I saw a coworker setup some graphs for his gear, and I thought it’d be a good idea to set some up for our network gear (Cisco/Arista/Juniper).

I have Grafana setup with InfluxDB and Telegraf. I just don’t understand how I go about getting the MIB or whatever is needed to pull info from my cisco devices (or any of my devices).

Does anyone have any examples or tutorials they could point me to? I’m honestly lost here. Thanks.

Telegraf would have to be installed on the gear itself to pull metrics out, i dont believe you can pull metrics from a remote endpoint.

Does your network gear have an api that can be called, or does it produce logs with the information youre after?

You might want to consider using something like logstash to poll the API if there is one, or to read through and filter log information, both of which can be stored in InfluxDB and read by Grafana


There are some plugins for Telegraf that might do this:

Are these any good?

If not you can try a metricbeat->logstash solution

Thanks for this. I’ll check this out.

I was using SNMP and I was able to get some interface statistics which is neat. Just getting my feet wet with all of this as i’m on unfamiliar territory. I appreciate the reply and am going to scope out that docs page now. Thanks again