Prometheus - Using a general filter variable to prevent repeating a query multiple times

I had a dashboard with many panel which was connected to an influxdb datasource. I was able to define a general filter request which were used in all of my panels, this is how I had defined variables in my old dashboard:

As it is shown generalRequestFilter is a constant variable with value of combination of all filters that I needed repeating in all queries. This is an example of how I had used this general filter in my queries:

This expands correctly and works as I expect.
Currently I am designing a same concept but with prometheus as my data source, Supposing this could be the same, I tried the same approach with prometheus but all of my tries had failed. As I notice variables do not expand further before sending to prometheus.

This is how I am trying to define the same variable for promethues.
My requirement is obvious, I am trying to have a general filter which able to use in any panel. I tried adhoc filters approach but they have some deficit, for example it could not be possible to ignore them from some queris, also they do not show all options for when an all option is valid for a choice.
I am using grafana 9.3.4 with promethues 2.42.0