Prometheus data not displaying correctly in Graphana?

Hello :slight_smile:

Was having an issue appending a graph to my Graphana dashboard, the value on the Y-axis does not display correctly.

First off here is a picture of the prometheus source where we see the value to display is ‘2’:

Here is the section of dashboard code that should display it:

      "aliasColors": {},
      "bars": false,
      "dashLength": 10,
      "dashes": false,
      "datasource": "$datasource",
      "fill": 1,
      "fillGradient": 0,
      "gridPos": {
        "h": 9,
        "w": 12,
        "x": 12,
        "y": 19
      "hiddenSeries": false,
      "id": 200,
      "legend": {
        "avg": false,
        "current": false,
        "max": false,
        "min": false,
        "show": true,
        "total": false,
        "values": false
      "lines": true,
      "linewidth": 1,
      "links": [],
      "nullPointMode": "connected",
      "options": {
        "dataLinks": []
      "percentage": false,
      "pointradius": 5,
      "points": false,
      "renderer": "flot",
      "seriesOverrides": [],
      "spaceLength": 10,
      "stack": false,
      "steppedLine": false,
      "targets": [
          "expr": "rate(synapse_admin_mau_current{instance=\"$instance\",job=~\"$job\",index=~\"$index\"}[$bucket_size])",
          "format": "time_series",
          "intervalFactor": 1,
          "legendFormat": "{{job}}-{{index}} ",
          "refId": "A"
      "thresholds": [],
      "timeFrom": null,
      "timeRegions": [],
      "timeShift": null,
      "title": "Monthly Average Users",
      "tooltip": {
        "shared": true,
        "sort": 0,
        "value_type": "individual"
      "type": "graph",
      "xaxis": {
        "buckets": null,
        "mode": "time",
        "name": null,
        "show": true,
        "values": []
      "yaxes": [
          "format": "short",
          "label": null,
          "logBase": 1,
          "max": null,
          "min": "0",
          "show": true
          "format": "short",
          "label": null,
          "logBase": 1,
          "max": null,
          "min": null,
          "show": true
      "yaxis": {
        "align": false,
        "alignLevel": null

And finally here is how it appears inside my graphana dashboard:

Does anyone know what i might be doing wrong? Thanks everyone.

The solution was to change rate() to max_over_time() like so:


For more information on query functions see: Query functions | Prometheus

Thanks for reading!