Problems with grafana PRTG plugin

I have a strange problem. I configured the Prtg plugin in graphfana and installed the dashboards as needed. On some computers or browsers it can not authenticate with the plugin / API and I do not know why this occurs. I have a problem with a machine that works in dashboard in firefox and chorme does not work / authenticate database. In other machines does not work in any browser and on my machine for example, it works in all browsers … Can anyone tell me if there is any limitation per session or some help to be able to solve my case ??

I have the same problem.
I wonder it’s a problem about prtg authentication, but I don’t know how fix it.

I have PRTG version, grafana version 6.2.5 and prtg pluing version 4.0.3

I ran into the same problem too. A likely issue is that your PRTG machine is using a self-signed certificate and the its failing on those machines. Go to the configuration page for the PRTG plugin, press F12 on your browser, hit refresh and then the button to save your config and look at the network output. You will probably see a self-cert error like in the pictures below (one shows the issue in edge, the other in firefox):

On the workstation having issues, go to your PRTG sever and go through the “unsafe site, proceed anyway” routine and your PRTG sensors should show up.