No data from dashboard when logging into Grafana from remote computer


I am using Grafana Enterprise on a windows machine, the Grafana version is v9.4.7 I am then using the PRTG plugin so Grafana can talk to my PRTG Server and pull live data. The PRTG plugin is on version 4.0.4

I have a dashboard I created for monitoring WAN traffic bandwidth. I set it up on the Grafana computer from the web UI from localhost:3000 logging in with the default admin account. The dashboard is able to read all the data no problem and I can see all my metrics. I have this dashboard up on a tv the Grafana Computer is plugged into for monitoring, but sometimes If I want to look at it a bit more closely on my own computer or make some changes I thought it’d be great if I can just login to Grafana from my own PC without remoting in to the Grafana PC.

So to do that I remoted in and opened ports 3000 for incoming and outgoing traffic on UDP and TCP on the firewall and now I am able to access the Grafana computers web UI from my PC by navigating to So I login with the same admin account from the web UI on my PC and opened up the dashboard to find that it could no longer see any data. If I go to the plugin manager and look at my data source from the Grafana computer and test the plugin it works and I get “PRTG API version:” If I then do that exact same thing when logging in to the web UI but from my Computer I get no result. It tries to test and quickly it disappears and then I get no confirmation message. If I then try to go to the explore tab from my computer on the UI and query something I get the Undefined: Undefined Error. Meanwhile If I do this from the Grafana PC it works just fine.

I understand that the PRTG plugin isn’t really in development these days but I don’t really know if its at fault in this situation as it is working, just for some reason not from another PC, I figured I would just see the data no matter where I logged in from. So I was wondering if there was anyone who ran into the same or a similar issue and could let me know what I’m missing and how to get it working from remote logins. Couldn’t find anything online about this sort of problem so decided to ask here.

Please let me know if there’s any other info that’s required.

Seems the issue was from the Browser/Grafana loosing the “This site is safe” token when you browse to the PRTG admin interface because of the unsecure https connection. Thanks to this post for pointing that out. After navigating to the IP of my PRTG server and clicking the Proceed anyway button its working now on the remote pc and my grafana pc.

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