Problems with Grafana and PRTG, no output

Hi everyone, i have recently started to try to integrate Grafana with PRTG but with some issues. I have the datasource setup and this tests ok. When i go to explore OR the dash window to start creating the group/host/sensor and channel all populate with information coming from PRTG but nothing shows in the panel above. I go to query inspector and this just seems to churn away with no output too.
I got to explorer and do simliar, populate the fields and run query with again no output. My choice of browser is mainly Chrome which seems fine. However if i try IE then i get and error down the page.

An unexpected error happened

Error: Unspecified error.
in div in div in e in t in div in t in p in n in Unknown in t in Unknown in Unknown in Unknown in Unknown in t in t in h

Not sure if this is anything important or that it just doesnt like IE.
I have readded the data source and tried many other things but i am not getting anywhere fast now.
I have installed a second PRTG instance with another install of Grafana but this hasnt given me any better results.
I am hoping this is just noob first time install issues and that i have done somthing special :slight_smile: thanks all.


latest 6.7.1 seems not compatible with prtg plugin

Balls ! ok, thanks you for replying it is appreciated.


try to revert to 6.6 and see if it works again…

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Good idea, i will post my results later today :slight_smile:


Know i said i would post results later but couldn’t wait !

6.6 works perfect, thank you !!!

Off to play now.