Problems displaying weather data from openweathermap api

Looking for some input on why this isnt working for me. Im using this url[key here].

The data i get looks like this:

Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong because the data just wont display on the time series. Maybe a different visualization is better for this?

Here is what the table view looks like.
Time on one column and Temperature on another:
2022-01-21 06:00:00 33.8
2022-01-21 09:00:00 31.8

Hopefully the pictures are big enough to see what im trying to do. Please let me know how i can display data so i can see per timestamp what the temperature is. Let me know if theres something else youd like me to show you from my end.

Welcome to the forum. I have not used that API, but if it returns JSON format, have you tried the JSON plugin? See more here: Darksky alternative - #3 by grant2