Darksky alternative

Wondering if anyone has a Darksky alternative for Grafana Cloud? e.g. an Openweather Plugin, etc?

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Indeed, since Apple acquired Darksky and greedily locked out the API, I was just exploring different weather plugins. I think one simple way to do this (though I have not yet tried it) would be to use one of the JSON plugins (this or this) and then query an API that offers a free tier. I have found several that may work:

If I get a chance to install / try these out, I will post here how it goes.

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I found that this basic API that returns JSON works fine with the JSON API datasource plugin.

Setup is like this:

and then in the panel:

Thanks to @marcusolsson for developing such a great plugin.

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Thanks for the kind words! :heart:

Possible to convert the temp that is in Celsius to Fahrenheit?