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Hi all,

I am using the Stat panel to display info coming from my weather station. Currently I am using value mappings to take wind readings in degrees and mapping them to direction example:

  • 0 = North, 180 = South etc etc

I am trying to see how can I do something similar but with images example:

  • 0 = MyNorthImage.png, 180 = MySouthImage.png.

It also reports the signal strength of the different beacons and want to show a signal strength image in the same fashion.

My additional question:
If there is a way to do this, can you point to a image file on the local disk i.e. /home/user/images/MyNorthImage.png or does it have to be a URL like

Thank you looking forward to the guidance

Bump - anyone with any ideas on this one?

You can paste a native emoji in the unit picker and pick it as a custom unit. See here.

Can one use a custom image?

Nope, emojis only. Did you thoroughly check through this list of emojis to make sure there is not one suitable for your application?

Sounds like you really need some sort of CompassStat plugin, showing an arrow pointing to the appropriate direction.

Interesting idea, and maybe something I might build one of these days. I’m tied up for the next couple of months so maybe someone else wants to knock this out.

Yeah thats kinda the idea :slight_smile: based on the direction in degrees (279, 90, 0 ) etc coming from the wind station then show a compass :slight_smile:

Just went through it I guess I could use the hand with the finger pointing in a direction but would of thought there was a simpler way to do it based on a value specify a image to show.

You could consider one of the SVG plugins - e.g. ACE.SVG plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs. It might be overkill for your use case, but in theory it wouldn’t be too difficult to do what you want. You could even use a single image (or shape) and apply a rotation based on the angle.

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