OpenWeatherMap Icons


I’m running Grafana v9.0.3 via docker compose (grafana:grafana/latest docker tag) with data coming from InfluxDB v2.

I’m creating a weather based dashboard, and I’m trying to find a way to get the icons from OpenWeatherMap into a Grafana Panel. I am receiving an icon code from OpenWeatherMap here:


This corresponds to an API call you can make here:

Is there any way to take the output from my initial query, and somehow get the symbol from OpenWeatherMap? Or would it be a better option to download all the symbols and correlate the query output that way? Let me know if you have any ideas or if this topic is covered elsewhere. Thanks again!


What visualization are you using in this case?

In the screenshot I am using the Single Stat visualization, but I could use any panel. I have experimented with the text panel and rendering HTTP data somehow, but that was many versions ago. Not sure if that’s still the accepted way.

This might be a good candidate for svg via html plugin. Someone had asked similar one about visualizing wind directions and all. Let me try to find it

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I’ll give this a look. Thanks!

@eweishaar had a little spare time to play with it. here it is


Thank you so much for doing all this work!

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