Openweathermap data don't appear in grafana

Hello everyone,
i’m trying to get weather data using openweathermap plugin. i have installed telegraf, configured it, and created an influxdb database to get the data. i checked the data in the influxdb and i get it correctly as shown:

Then i have added the openweathermap dashboard to grafana, but i get nothing on the dashboard.

where is the problem ?!

@mohamed12345 have you configured the influxdb datasource plugin that ships with Grafana? This is what enables communication between grafana-server and the db:

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I’m having the same issue. Despite everything being configured.

How can i get this working thanks :slight_smile:

I have seen a lot of questions on this topic (OpenWeatherMap data in Grafana) and no good solutions. I have not (yet) tried it myself, but I believe this is what needs to happen:

  1. install the OpenWeatherMap dashboard for Grafana. Make sure you have Influx and Telegraf already installed since you need these in order for the dashboard to work.
  2. get a free API key by signing up with OpenWeatherMap
  3. Install and configure the Telegraf input plugin for OpenWeatherMap. Telegraf input plugins are used with the InfluxData time series platform to collect metrics from the system, services, or third-party APIs.

thanks for the reply.

Everything has been done correctly.

I get the stats working correctly on the influxdb, however, the dashboard is displaying n/a.

can you share a screenshot of your panel using the table visualization? If you inspect the panel and view the query response or the raw data, do you see your info or is it empty?