Pictures based on Values

Hi all,

I am building a dashboard based on influxdb data which comes from a Solar systems data. It is real time data and I want to show a picture depending on what source is currently providing the system i.e.

  1. Utility - Show A Utility Picture
  2. Solar - Show A Solar Picture
  3. Mixed - Show A picture of Mixed energy

Not to sure which visualization to implement to be able to get this to work on a dashboard would really appreciate the guidence

Hi there - If you’re ok with static images above separate visualization panels per data source, you can use the Text panel in HTML mode to drop in the images. If that’s not what you’re trying to do, can you provide some more information? Not sure if you were trying to change this dynamically for a single image to display from multiple sources.

Thank you Sam,

I wanted to do it dynamically. This is how i think about it. A single panel it reads from a specific datasource in influx. There are three potential values:

  1. Utility
  2. Solar
  3. Mixed

So in this single panel
If Utility then show utility.gif
If solar then show solar.gif
If Mixed then show mixed.gif

I can do it with three separate panels but then on one of the three would show data at any point in time and they would also be next to each other which means the alignment just wouldnt make sense.

Hope that clarifies?

You can do it using the OLD v6 table panel (which is still usable on v7), see my reply here: