Grafana Dashboard Custom LOGO

Hi there Grafana Community,

I’m not sure if this is possible as I’ve not seen anyone else ask this question but is it possible to add a custom image to a grafana dashboard(homescreen, dashboard screen,etc). I’m trying to add a custom logo so that it always displays on the Grafana UI whenever I open it. I’m currently used the local host downloaded version of Grafana(NOT Grafana Cloud). Below is an image of what I exactly mean. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I am also trying to add the logo.
Did you create some folder in the source code to place the image file?.
Do you have any insight on adding multiple logo for multiple clients?

Thank You.

You can easily display an image using the OLD Grafana v6 table panel (which you can still use in Grafana v7).

You just need to have the table display the relevant HTML img tag within a column and enable the Sanitize HTML option on the table column. So for a MySQL source the query would be something like:

select <img src="image_source_here" height="200"> as ‘Logo’

In theory you should be able to also use the Text panel with either markdown or HTML but I have not used that.