How To Place Company Logo

Hi all,

i would like to display our company logo in Grafana dashboard ,
please help me some one how to add that logo.

any help would be appreciate.

Hi sivaprasad,

When you have a Text panel, you can edit it being able to add an image or logo with HTML code. You can find out here: one way of using images.

Hi Sergioc,

Thanks for quick reply , actually my concern is
like this i need place .

You can change it. Search the file name of that grafana image and replace it with your image.

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as manik mentioned, you can swap the file for your company logo but it will get stomped after each upgrade.

Ya thanks it working for me

Hi Manik ,

the above image is not showing proper values , look at marked point , actually That is total processing time = 1 minute , but its laying on 3MIns line , can you please explain this if you have any idea . thanks in advance .


siva Prasad

You should start a new topic for a new issue that’s unrelated to the original topic. However, it looks like you’ve got a stacked graph.


Can u pls let me know the step by step process. It’s urgent and client requirement.