Open weather map setup

Good evening
I try to install Open weather in my existing dashboard.
I have import the json open weather map , and I have link it whith my influxes > Ok
When I test my url api:“here my api key” no problem Openweathermap return value.
But I don’t know generate my dashboard, query value ???

Sorry for my ignorance, I am newbie , thank you for your support.

I’m still struggling to configure openweather.
I don’t know what’s happening, but now I have a bad request error in my data source when I test/save.
However, if I test my API address with curl -s, the server open weather returns the results to me.
I can’t find a simple tutorial that explains the configuration of openweather.
If a good soul could help me…thank you

Good evening,
I’m moving forward a little. I switched to infinity, and things are simpler. I haven’t configured anything at the plugin level, I go directly to dash creation, I enter my API, and miraculously I see that the API is communicating.

Several questions please:
1> if I paste my api into the browser, I see that I have several values (clouds, temp, presure…etc)
2> in open visualization suggestion mode, I only have the ID: 804
3> I assume that you have to use Parsing options, to extract alls values to display? but I don’t know the syntax;, possible to explain to me?
Thanks a lot for your help.

API browser return:
[{"id":804,“main”:“Clouds”,“description”:“overcast clouds”,“icon”:“04n”}]

Visualisation mode and parsing ?

Check out transformation Extract Fields for starters

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Thank’s, I think it’s the TRANSFORM DATA tab?
If yes, I use Filter By name, I don’t see anything here that might look like field values?
debug doesn’t give more info?

special syntaxe for identifier ?

from the json you provided, which data points do you want to visualize? Always post clean data please?


	"coord": {
		"lon": 3.9036,
		"lat": 46.9435
	"weather": [
			"id": 804,
			"main": "Clouds",
			"description": "overcast clouds",
			"icon": "04n"
	"base": "stations",
	"main": {
		"temp": 277.52,
		"feels_like": 275.88,
		"temp_min": 277.52,
		"temp_max": 279.31,
		"pressure": 1024,
		"humidity": 62,
		"sea_level": 1024,
		"grnd_level": 943
	"visibility": 10000,
	"wind": {
		"speed": 1.91,
		"deg": 193,
		"gust": 1.75
	"clouds": {
		"all": 90
	"dt": 1707858114,
	"sys": {
		"type": 2,
		"id": 2038399,
		"country": "FR",
		"sunrise": 1707807104,
		"sunset": 1707843989
	"timezone": 3600,
	"id": 2979009,
	"name": "Saint-Just",
	"cod": 200

yes it is exactly this :wink:
But in Source I have not result, only

try this


see result with no pars

see result with parsing main. (but if I pars with main.temp, or main.pressure, or adding others objects , propriety .)…no datas displaying

see result with UQL

thank’s for support

You forgot the transformation

In transformation, Extract field, source =>> I have not A result.

we cant see what you do have

Ok thank you to have try.
I think my problem is in my Grafana, because if I use JSON viewer on line, I can do extract without problems.

See your screenshot with uql. It says result on the column header. That is ehat you need to use along with Ectract field transformation

It is working on pc

you are truly the champion of Grafana…
Oh my god sorry, I’m a beginner, it is Ok now
If I may allow myself a few additional questions:
1> is it possible to choose data?
2> table and geomap modes work, but not time series?
3> How can I convert °kelvin to °Celcius?

Time for you to learn jsonata query language which uql nicely implements. Also read docu of infinity about jsonata

Look in this forum for many answers that use jsonata

You are no longer a beginner. Training wheels removed.

:fish: :fishing_pole_and_fish: