Problems after upgrading to 7 - dashboard links no longer work

I have run an upgrade (well yum upgrade and restart) from 6.7 to 7, few issues:

  • the dashboard links to other dashboards seem gone (on any dashboard I’ve used it), - seeing this instead: image - they still have URL, but without the dashboard link,

one particular dashboard has extra issues on its own:

  • the table panel with 3 queries stopped working (= stopped showing data after an upgrade)

  • when going to time range zoom out on this particular dashboard, I get An unexpected error happened
    TypeError: Cannot read property ‘indexOf’ of undefined

    in t
    in t
    in div
    in div

Perhaps I missed something during an upgrade ? Thanks.

An update to my own post - when I add the link as external instead of dashboard it works, ie there seem to be a workaround. “Just” need to delete/re-add the links.

Same problem here. Some already existing dashboard links are still functioning, while others have disappeared. And I cannot create any new dashboard links successfully.

+1 Same here. Can’t create new Dashboard links. Some old links working, some not. Seems to be related to tags. I can create a dropdown link with no tags and I get the full list of dashboards. Adding any tag breaks the dropdown link.

The same happend to me. As a workaround I recreated links with the new dropdown flag.
It seems that is fixed in 7.0.1 by Dashboard/Links: Fixes open in new window for dashboard link ( )