Problem setting up InfluxDB


Making my first step with Grafana. Watched several tutorials, but it does not work gor me this way.
Try to set up Grafana and InfluxDB. Get an error when click Save&Test Network Error: Bad Gateway(502)

What do I miss?

If influx is running on the same server as grafana you can use http://localhost:8086 as the influx server url.

I tried also localhost, but still the same error.

Can you connect to influx using the influx command line client?

I could not read out anywhere, that InfluxDB must be installed before starting with Grafana. Thought it installs and integrates during the database set-up.

I think I managed to install InfluxDB, did I do it right, not so sure. Need to figure out, why Influx refuses to create the database or connect at all.