Trouble using InfluxDB from a different source

So I have Grafana working on my FreeNas server, and I have InfluxDB on my Windows 10 PC working, and am able to use Grafana if Grafana is on my PC. But I want InfluxDB to push the info and all to my Grafana on my FreeNas not my PC. I see all of the HTTP URL settings, but whatever I try, I get the “Network Error: Unauthorized(401)” error. But honestly I don’t think I’m getting any connection period. Because even on Grafana on my PC when I was setting it up, the telegraf server when I have Windows Powershell, when I put in the wrong info but had the //localhost going it pinged the telegraf server. And when I got the info right, it connected and lots of logs were getting written. As for Grafana on my FreeNas, there is no logs on the telegraf going off.

Anyway, what do I put in the URL? Is it //localhost? Or the IP address and port of my PC on my network?
As for InfluxDB Details at least on my Grafana on PC, all I had to put was the server name, no log in details. Not sure if that matters when trying to get it to work on a different device?

Not sure if in all of this I have to edit one of the config files for this?

Anyone have any input?