Connection with InfluxDB

After watching many different tutorials I found, I am facing an issue.

Currently, for my school project, I need to develop a dashboard using Grafana that connects to some solar panels, which are in turn connected to InfluxDB. The InfluxDB is up and running, however, I am struggling to establish a connection. I have thoroughly reviewed the documentation, yet I am unsure of what steps to take to resolve this issue. Do I need to install Grafana on the server where InfluxDB is running, or can this be done through the cloud? I have read in the documentation that both options are available, but I am unsure which one to choose. Once this is accomplished, how can I confirm that I have successfully established a connection to the InfluxDB?

Welcome @hareimjabaryy

No, InfluxDB and Grafana can be installed on separate machines or the same machine. One or both installations can be on-prem or in the cloud.

Are you using Grafana OSS (on-prem) or Grafana Cloud?

Which version of InfluxDB are you using (please be as specific as possible)?

Thank you for your response! I’m using InfluxDB 2.1.1.

I want to use Grafana Cloud because it’s easier to use, and since this is a school project for other students to potentially take over, I haven’t installed anything yet because I’m unsure of what I’m supposed to install.

Hi @hareimjabaryy

You may find Grafana Cloud easier to use, but to connect it to a locally hosted Influx database means you will have to follow these instructions.

If this is just for a school project and you are unsure of all these choices, I would personally recommend putting Grafana OSS and Influx v2.7 on a simple Linux PC and then follow these instructions.

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