Print variable value into Table Cell


I have a Table element wich is displaying multiple columns for different queries to prometheus correctly.
I am now trying to add two additional columns to the table:

  • One with a static text string.
  • One with the value of a variable.
    It sounds simle and it should be, but I’ve spent hours and can’t seem to figure it out.
    All other colums are populated with information coming from queries to prometheus. Is there any way to print information local to the dashboard like variables and text stings?


You have not said which version of Grafana you are using which matters as the table panel in v6 is completely different than the table panel in v7.

And confusingly if you are using a v7 Grafana you can use the “new” v7 table panel or the “old” v6 table panel. Look at the panel JSON and “type” will be either “table” or “table-old”.