Data-link issue in table panel built via templating variable

Hi all,
I build a table panel from a templating variable (SELECT $myVar) with ‘all’ selected, as result I get one row, and one value per column, example myStr1 | myStr2 | etc…

For the table I create a dataLink using ‘${__value.text}’.
But for all the cells, the variable ‘${__value.text}’ is replaced by ‘myStr1’, where I was expecting ‘myStr2’ on the second cell.

I use Grafana version : 7.3.1, database postgresql but I do not think it matters here.

If someone has an idea to solve this. Thanks.

Hi there @castaignededamien

I think a fair amount of the logic around templating was revised for grafana 8. I’d be curious to know if upgrading helps.

That being said, it’s a bit hard to visualize your issue. If you’re still blocked I’d suggest helping the community by including some screenshots :+1:

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