Table Render as Link missing

Recently I upgrade 6.7.4 grafana to 7.0.3.
I found there’s no way to render a value inside one column as url link anymore.
I want this feature back…

Any help would be appreciated.

It is still possible, but in it’s current implementation it’s actually more restrictive than the old table panel.

It’s moved to the Overrides tab like many other settings.

Click Add override and choose the field you want and then click Add override property and add a Data links property. Then click Add link and add a title/URL.

If you type $ in the URL field it should popup a menu with the available variables etc.

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Thanks! Grafana documentation really needs improvement…

@hanxifu I just want to let you know that we’re very much aware of this, and we’re committed to improving the documentation. For example, we’ve recently hired a dedicated tech writer to the Grafana team, and we’re slowly working our way through the current docs. Unfortunately, it’s going to take some time before we get it to a state where we’re happy with it.

In the meantime, please let us know if there’s any areas of the docs that you feel need our attention more than others by submitting an issue.

@hanxifu, where in the documentation did you look for this answer and not find it? Can you tell me a bit more about search terms and what you were looking for?

We have information about overrides in Field configuration options, and that links to Data links. I imagine other people have this use case, so please help me understand how to communicate this in a way that makes sense for you.

I looked into the same page as your comment Field configuration options.

I remember in the earlier versions, data_link behaved totally differently. It has a pop-up dialog and leads you elsewhere (not inline url link, the inline link called link). That memory mislead me and I just ignore it (didn’t go to the data link page)

if my memory is correct, then maybe modify data_link to link or url will be more appropriate and clear?
If my memory goes wrong, I’ll apologize for my carelessness.

Thanks anyway! to you all!