Where is the option to "Render value as link" in Grafana 8.0?

I have a column of data which look like URLs, e.g.:



I want to convert these links into actual hyperlinks in my Grafana panel. I’m using version 8.0.3. I was previously using 6.2.5, where there was an option to select “Render value as link” for a particular column.

When I checked this option, these links would become live hyperlinks, and the user could click on them to get to the target destination. Now I can’t find this option anywhere in the 8.0.3 version - my links are just text with no hyperlinking. Is there a workaround to get the same functionality?

Data links are still available in Grafana 8, but most features like this are now configured under overrides in order to achieve more granular control.

  • make a new override
  • choose the field with your URLs
  • click add override property => data link
  • press $ to see available variables
  • choosing ${__value.text} results in a table like the one below:

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