No Display Options in Panel

Good morning all,
I’m adding new table panels and notice that I no longer have a Display options section. I want to be able to add hyperlinks to specific cells, but that seem to have gone away. Any ideas? I can duplicate old panels and have the option in those.

It’s not altogether obvious but a lot of the settings have been moved to the Overrides tab so for links you need to add a field override and then add an override property of 'Data links`.

Some other settings are different too, like hiding values you now have to add a query Transform of type Organize fields.

Other old settings and features (like Sanatize HTML, font size, paging options, color rows etc) no longer exist in the new table panel (at least in it’s current form).

Thanks for your help. Can you tell me if those links have lost the ability to just use {$__cell} for their value? Now this is adding our company domain to the beginning of the URL, translating slashes to hex values, etc.

I think when you enter a $ sign in the URL field of a data link it will show you what variables are available so you can pick.

Ah, brilliant. Thank you. Problem solved!