Presenting graphs on a static site

Grafana provides the the ability to share a panel as a snapshot hosted on

This snapshot can then be embedded in a web page via an iframe.

However, it appears that this feature is broken at the moment as the X-Frame-Options header on is currently set to deny.

This has broken an example in Grafana’s own documentation here. This bug has been reported in the following GitHub issue here.

Right now, because of this bug I do not have a good way to embed an interactive example graph generated from my own Grafana instance.

  • I don’t want to use a screen shot
  • I don’t want to host my own publically accessible Grafana instance

Is there another way I can somehow embed my example Grafana panel in a static site.

I like the idea of it being completely standalone so I don’t have to rely on an external resource to be always available.

I was thinking I could host the JavaScript and data as a JSON file that generate the graph as static files, then have the static site load and execute those files on the webpage.

Does Grafana or any supporting projects provide such a feature?