Public Snasphot ("") not loaded in iFrame (embedded)


We have been using Grafana and uses the dashboard’s public snapshot to display it on our own app/site when needed. We use iframe to load the public snapshot published on raintank. However, we recently noticed that those public snapshots are not loading anymore. For example, on Chrome, it says “ refused to connect”. Verified that the snapshot was created under Grafana’s snapshot list and the snapshot also loads (using the raintank URL) when you load it on another browser window.

We also notice it some of Grafana’s official documentation. The embedded panel examples are also not being loaded:

Please also note that we set “allow_embedding” to true in grafana.ini (though from our understanding this for the embedded snapshot directly from the Grafana host).

Are there any changes or issue with raintank that’s preventing it to be loaded in an iframe? And if it is, any fix or workaround for the issue.


Having the same problem here with Grafana v8.1.5. I publish a dashboard to, and can load it AOK in a browser using the URL supplied. I’m trying to embed that dashboard in an iframe, and the content won’t load. Safari displays nothing (blank content in a border) whilst Chrome gives the error message: " refused to connect." I have checked, and allow_embedding=true.

Does anyone have an idea what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

What AOK stands for?

“All is Okay” (in this context the published dashboard loaded without problem directly in a browser)