Possible to move/drag nodes in Node Graph Panel?


I am currently using the Node Graph Panel in Grafana.
The problem is that I want to drag all the nodes to a different location to make the node graph more readable. But it seems like I can’t drag the nodes even when in the edit screen. The documentation of this panel (Node graph | Grafana documentation) also seems to have no answer to it.

Is there any way to rearrange the nodes? Is there perhaps a plugin that could help me? And if not, can I create my own plugin to add this feature, or is that not possible?

The Grafana version is v9.5.0-cloud.5.a016665c (b2a5d45589)

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Might apache echart grafana plugin be a solution ?

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Yes, that works too.

Thank you!

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@ngotuankiet We created a 2-part tutorial on how to display directed graphs, which can be moved, dragged, and zoomed for better visibility if you need it.