Enhancement request - panel duplicate and panel move function

I’m new to Grafana and while experimenting I’ve found that I’ve wanted to experiment with changes before releasing them on a production panel. It would be really hand to have the possibility to duplicate a panel, so you can make changes to the new one and not break the working one, and also a move panel function to allow you to move a panel to another dashboard - such as your experimental panel where you play around with settings.
I’ve found I’ve had to do quite a lot of opening two windows, copying settings from a working panel to a new one to then modify the copy.

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You can duplicate panels. This have been supported for a long time. Click up the context menu for a panel, select More and then duplicate.

Regarding moving panels we’ve introduced a new feature that will be included in Grafana v5.0, right now only released in beta. See issue.


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In fact I have the beta version running, I just hadn’t tried that more menu option and didn’t know what the panel option even meant.