Polystat Panel -- Identical values for many hosts

Hello, I’m trying to setup my first Polystat visualization, following the tutorial at Grafana Plugin Tutorial: Polystat Panel (Part 1) | Grafana Labs. But I’m running into a problem from the start.

All of my polys are showing the same value for all node load. If I look at the same query with a time series, a gauge or bar chart, each node shows its own load value. Likewise in a plain old Prometheus query, each nodes shows its own load. And that 1009.00 value bares no relationship to anything I see in Prometheus or the other visualizations.

Here’s what I’m seeing – any suggestions? Thanks.

I found the problem. In the “Stat” setting of the visualization, I had “count” selected. IDK how that happened – default? Upon changing that to “Current” the current real-time node load appeared and each node reports its true load.