[solved] PolyStat Plugint: T[e] is undefined

Grafana 9.2.4, polystat plugin v 2.04.

I’m using polystat to display CPU utilization across multiple nodes in a cluster.

Query is: sum by (instance) (rate(node_cpu_seconds_total{mode!=‘idle’,job=“$job”}[5m]))
Polystat displays properly for my smaller clusters (job): 82 nodes, 18 nodes, and 49 nodes. However, for my larger clusters of 483 nodes and 1345 nodes, the panel is black, showing only an error in the corner “T[e] is undefined”.

Clicking the error opens the JSON panel, I’ve searched for “T[e]” and don’t find it. I select cluster to view using a variable ($job), so I’m using the very same query for each cluster.

Where does that error come from, and how can I resolve it?


Kept playing with settings of polystat, discovered I had Display Limit / “Maximum number of polygons to display” set to 100. When I set that to 0 (unlimited) my polystat showed all of my nodes properly