Plugin of bigquery - Create alerts

I try to configure an alert of a panel that have a query of bigquery plugin but i have an error of alerts configurations (Error message: The datasource does not support alerting queries)

I read about the alerts plugins configurations are on the road map at may of this year. Does anyone has any news about this?

Thanking in advance and keen regards

Grafana does already have support for alerting in external plugins - though we are looking to make it much easier for developers to add it to their plugins by adding more tooling and documention in the next two releases of Grafana.

An example of a data source with alerting support is the Azure Data Explorer data source.

The bigquery plugin does not have support for alerting. The developers (Doit International) would have to change the query part of the plugin to add alerting support (by converting some of it to be a backend plugin).

You can open a feature request for it on their GitHub repo:

Thank you for the quick answer daniellee, i will open a feature request on their github!! =D

apparently they have been waiting on information from grafana for months