Cannot set up alert for Big query data source

Hi. I am using a BigQuery source and trying to set up alerting (not using templates or variables). I am getting the following response when testing my rule: "error:“request handler error: plugin unavailable”

This is the response:

  "firing": true,
  "state": "pending",
  "conditionEvals": " = true",
  "timeMs": "1.961ms",
  "error": "request handler error: plugin unavailable",
  "logs": [
      "message": "Condition[0]: Query",
      "data": {
        "from": 1687081737957,
        "queries": [
            "refId": "A",
            "model": {
              "convertToUTC": false,
              "datasource": {
                "type": "doitintl-bigquery-datasource",
                "uid": "redacted"
              "format": "time_series",
              "group": [],
              "location": "US",
              "metricColumn": "none",
              "orderByCol": "2",
              "orderBySort": "1",
              "rawQuery": true,
              "rawSql": "[redacted]",
              "refId": "A",
              "select": [
                    "params": [
                      "-- value --"
                    "type": "column"
              "timeColumn": "-- time --",
              "timeColumnType": "TIMESTAMP",
              "where": [
                  "name": "$__timeFilter",
                  "params": [],
                  "type": "macro"
            "datasource": {
              "id": redacted,
              "name": "[redacted]"
            "maxDataPoints": 1500,
            "intervalMs": 200
        "to": 1687082037957

Would appreciate any guidance. Thanks.

welcome @lb98

what version of Grafana are you running, and on what platform (docker, via binary file, etc?

could you also share your BigQuery ?

Lastly, please increase the verbosity of the logs to debug and note any errors

Hi! Thanks so much for your response!

I’m hoping to follow up on your first and third points after I hopefully get the proper organization permissions for our Grafana account from on of our org’s administrators. All I can see about the Grafana version right now is “Grafana v8.5.24(d29920a244)” I suppose it is some enterprise version of Grafana being managed by my organization but hopefully I can see more details if I receive more permissions from our org’s administrator.

Here is my query with some confidential content modified:

 INTERVAL hour HOUR),"UTC") AS time, 
present.r_m / past.r_m as dr_m,
present.r_m_f / past.r_m_f as dr_m_f,
present.r_matched_i_f / past.r_matched_i_f as dr_matched_i_f,
present.r_m_m / past.r_m_m as dr_m_m
FROM (select _table_suffix as ddate, * from `[redacted]` 
where _table_suffix = (
    FROM  `[redacted]*` )) as present inner join 
 (select FORMAT_DATE('%Y%m%d',DATE_ADD( PARSE_DATE("%Y%m%d",_table_suffix), INTERVAL 1 WEEK)) as ddate, * from
where  _TABLE_SUFFIX = (
    FROM  `[redacted]_*` )) as 
  past Using(ddate, c_v, hour)

thank you for the info @lb98

I found an existing issue that looks similar to yours. However, the error happens when testing the datasource after its installation Error: Plugin Unavailable while doing save and test when creating a data source · Issue #130 · grafana/google-bigquery-datasource · GitHub

However, in your case, we don’t know how the plugin was installed so if could you find that out and then create a new issue under the grafana/grafana repo adding the information provided, we will forward it to the engineering team that maintains bigquery as a datasource and take a closer look.

Thanks! I will look into this. Can I also just confirm that BigQuery is supported as a data source for alerting? I am not seeing it here: Data sources | Grafana documentation

thanks for bringing this up :pray:

yes, the alerting squad just confirmed that it is supported and that they will be updating the docs

PS. there may be some more data sources that are not listed and documented as alertable but are usable in Grafana Alerting. We will look into it, and update the list accordingly

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