Plotting chart with influxDB tag values on Y-axis


I have the following data coming into influxDB every 2 mins to record the health of a particular website/API call.

HTTP_CODE=200,BYTES=1258 value=0.783 1563301033000000000
HTTP_CODE=200,BYTES=1258 value=0.127 1563301153000000000
HTTP_CODE=500,BYTES=2400 value=0.987 1563301273000000000
HTTP_CODE=503,BYTES=2400 value=0.577 1563301393000000000
HTTP_CODE=200,BYTES=1258 value=1.277 1563301513000000000

I am trying to plot multiple charts based HTTP_CODE and value to see how the http_code and value varies over a period of time. But I am not able to get anything other than the “value” to Y-axis. Is that even possible ? Following feature request showed up in my searches multiple times, though this is not exactly what I am looking for. Appreciate any help on this topic !

The only way I could see this happening is by creating a query like,

select value, tag1 from measure1

and then creating a legend and click on the “tag1” legend. This was tried just to see that tag values can indeed be plotted, but I am assuming there will be a better way to do this.