How can I map x axis values to user friendly labels in a series graph using influx?


I’m wondering if there is something i’m overlooking, but i’m using influxdb and grafana to build a bar graph using “series” for the x-axis. I’m using the “Alias By” field to get the values associated with the tag being grouped and as the image below shows, this appears to generate correctly:

The problem I have is that the tag values used on the x-axis are not human friendly. For example, I need to have a mapping like this:

"less_than_1m": "< 1 Mib",
"greater_than_equal_1m_less_than_1g": ">= 1 Mib, < 1 GiB",
"greater_than_equal_1g": ">= 1 GiB",
"greater_than_equal_1t": ">= 1 TiB",

I have not found a way to do this other than making the tag values themselves user friendly in the database, but this does not scale well. For instance, if I have 100 charts that I need to add; I would need to add new entries to all the existing data that contain the human friendly names and then update each table as well as the chart. A much better solution would be to simply provide a mapping for each value as defined above. The chart would then know to display something like “>= 1 GiB” as opposed to “greater_than_equal_1g”. This seems like a very trivial thing to do, but I cannot find a way to do this in the documentation. Can anyone help?



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