Plot values from InfluxDB

I have two columns in my InfluxDB database : Values and Iterator count
I want visualise this on Grafana where my x axis is iterator count and value on y axis is basically corresponding to each iterator count.
Iterator Count(X) | Value

1 | 46
2 | 64
3 | 32
4 | 13
5 | 12
6 | 11
7 | 10
8 | 9
9 | 12
10 | 25.

Is it possible to achieve visualisation for the same, having no aspect of time

This would be very difficult.

Grafana is designed for the representation and visualisation of time-series

Representing non-time-series data is quite possibly using the wrong tool for
the job.

You would certainly have to look around for a third-party plugin for Grafana
to make this feasible.


Thanks Antony for your help. Do you know any third party plugin which will help me with this?
I have tried plotly but that just displays scatter plot and I need line charts

if you want this displayed as something like a custom histogram try using the standard graph visualization:
be sure to set the X-axis as “series” not the default option “time”

plotly also supports lines like I just wrote here:

Just turn on lines in the traces menu.

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Thanks a lot Zuim for your help!
One more thing - Is there a way where we could dynamically filter the name of the trace? instead of manually writing the trace name, we can select data from the database on a specific query and name the trace automatically. Is this possible?
Also, I didn’t get where do we have to use last()

I’m not sure what exactly you mean by “trace”, but maybe you can use variables with a query to collect all possible trace names.
You don’t necessarily have to use last(), that was just relevant in the thread I quoted from.