Histogram from InfluxDB v2

Hi, I am setting a graph panel to display the x-axis in mode histogram / series … however I do not have success to chart properly the data . What is the data format expected by grafana for this kind of graph ?
I am using InfluxDB v2 doing Flux queries


Hi, I am experiencing the same Issue.
Grafana histogram mode expects a time series. However, Flux histogram function returns a cumulative histogram (which I guess is not what you’re looking for (neither am I)).
I suggest you to follow this Issue on GitHub: https://github.com/influxdata/flux/issues/3351

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Hi @simoneram ,
About the cumulative histogram, I was able to convert it as not cummulative by adding a: |> difference() after the histogram()

Hi, thank you for the answer. I did that too. Whihc grafana panel do you use to represent it? I tried with a table and bar gauge override for the value column, but it is not as good as a proper histogram visualization

well, I just used the native Graph panel, and for X-Axis I chosen Mode=Histogram , and arranged the Flux query to only return 2 columns, like this: |> keep(columns: ["_time", "_value"])