How to display time series data as a bar chart in Grafana?

I’m trying to display a timeseries data as a bar chart but Grafana complains about

Bar charts requires a string field

This is my query:

SELECT COUNT(footage_type) as _count_, BIN(time,24h) AS DAY FROM "footage"."footage" WHERE footage_type='VIDEO' group by BIN(time,24h) order by DAY

This is how my data looks in table form:

enter image description here

In timeseries form
enter image description here

But this happens in bar chart mode:
enter image description here

Likewise, the timestamps disappear in histogram mode:
enter image description here

What am I doing wrong ?

Welcome to the Grafana forum.

In the Time series graph that you showed above, why not just change to bars? It sounds like that’s all you want (bars instead of lines).

Thanks ! This did the job.