Three histograms on one chart, Grafana 6.5.0


I have time series data in InfluxDB representing network ping times to three different destinations.

I’m trying to get this displayed in Grafana as three line (not bar) histograms on one chart.

So far I can get one set of data shown as a histogram (X-axis = bins of round-trip time, Y-axis = frequency of occurrence), or I can get the three sets shown, stacked on top of one another (which means that the first chart is shown with the correct Y-axis values, but the second chart is then raised by the values from the first chart, and can’t be compared to the first one. The third one gets even worse and its values are added to both of the first sets).

This makes no sense for the data I’m trying to depict - I need to see the three lines plotted on the same X and Y axes as each other.

Separate panels don’t really work, because then you can’t easily eyeball the graphs and see “is one worse than the other two?” at a glance.

Is there any way of doing this?



It appears that this is simply not possible.

Feature request (I’m tempted to call it a bug fix request): if “stacked” is not
selected, please show all measurements on the same X and Y axes, just like any
other graph type. Don’t just show the final query and silently drop any



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