Histograms for multiple series in one graph panel

Hi! I would like to create a graph that shows histograms of more then one series on the same plot, but not grouped together, I want to see histograms overlay. Right now data from both series is grouped together in one histogram.
Also, I would like to be able to hide/unhide a particular series with a simple click.
Is that possible?
I’m using Postgresql data.



When you say histogram you want to have non-time values on X-Axis? You can use X-Axis mode histogram and then under Display tab enable Stack. This works for me using the nightly build / latest master commit at least.


Hi, I am not able to get this to wokr.

I have my test data in MySQL table:


X-axis should have BINs on and histogram should show stacked VALUE for each CLASS.
Could you please advise me how should the query for my table look like and what should be the settings?

Thank you in advance,

It must be a time series query. If you don’t have a timestamp in your data you may be successful selecting now/current date or similar in epoch format.

thanks for your replay, I have time_sec derived from now() in the query:

UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW()) as time_sec,
MAX(VALUE) as value
,CONCAT(BIN) as metric

However I am not able to get class stacked on each other:

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Sorry stacked is not supported in Series X-Axis Mode, only Time and Histogram X-Axis Mode supports stacked.

Could you please show me example of data and query that actualy produces stacked serries histogram. Either for Time or Histogram X-Axis mode? Thank you in advance.

The only X-Axis Mode supporting showing something else (bins in your example) than time on X axis is Series mode which don’t support stacking.

Hello I have the same problem. Is this bug still not resolved? Why is time important for histograms? My data has also no timestamp. It has only different classes and a sample with values for each class.