Ploblem with port 443 https toolkit plugin:sign

npx @grafana/toolkit plugin:sign --rootUrls “

build MANIFEST.TXT without port:

"rootUrls": [

When start grafana plugin.loader not find plugin:

logger=plugin.loader t=2023-02-03T15:14:04.2991495+01:00 level=warn msg="Could not find root URL that matches running application URL" plugin=json-datasource appUrl= rootUrls=[]

Do you know how can I resolve?

Welcome to the :grafana: community @mp3

your problem seems similar to this one
please have a look and let us know if it helped

Yes thanks, similar with 443 port.

When I sign the plugin Grafana Server change rootUrls from to and sign file MANIFEST.TXT.

If I configure defaults.ini with protocol=https and http_port=443 but plugin not matches, appUrl is different, if I don’t make any value in http_port Grafana use 3000 by default.

I can’t use https and 443 port with internal plugin.

I think the problem is Grafana Server that change rootUrls if we use http or https protocol with standard port, i read manifest.js and send query to sign at ‘h’

Yes similar problem.

I did some tests the problem seems to be in the “SIGN” phase the manifest.js program sends the signature request to this server: “” which modifies the rootUrls by removing 443, in the start phase of grafana.exe the internal plugin does not start because appUrl is different to rootUrls in MANIFEST.TXT. I tried removing the http_port from the defauls.ini file but in this case the plugin loads but the programme starts with port 3000 by default.

As a result it is not possible to use Grafana in https with the standard port 443 and a private plugin.

Hello @mp3,
since 443 is the default https port (same as :80 is the default http port), could you just try not providing it?

e.g. use npx @grafana/toolkit plugin:sign --rootUrls instead of npx @grafana/toolkit plugin:sign --rootUrls

Thanks, but if I use
npx @grafana/toolkit plugin:sign --rootUrls
and write nothing value in defaults.ini:
http_port =
grafana start with 3000 by default, if I write 443 in defaults.ini at start of plugin appUrl is : and rootUrls is and not matches.
I think the problem is only I use the private plugin, I write plugin to connect, in SQL sintax, to a non stardard DB (advantage database)

Please configure root_url to your public facing URL, e.g.

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Working, perfect and simple.


root_url = %(protocol)s://%(domain)s:%(http_port)s/


root_url =