Please to tutorial install plugin on windows 10

Please to tutorial install plugin on windows 10


Please see documentation.



how to bring cli?


I suppose you have installed Grafana on your Windows 10 machine. Then you’re using grafana-server.exe to run Grafana. Where grafana-server.exe is located there should also exist a grafana-cli.exe.


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Hi, im trying to install grafana piechart panel. ```

but im having this message

e[31mErrore[0m: e[31mâś—e[0m zip: not a valid zip file

Grafana cli plugins install - install <plugin version (optional)>

Grafana cli plugins install [arguments…]

Im trying to do C:\grafana-6.2.3\bin>grafana-cli plugins install grafana-piechart-panel

that’s in Windows 10.

sorry for bad english. Im not able to writte a good english yet.

Since you’re on windows I think you have to write C:\grafana-6.2.3\bin>grafana-cli.exe plugins install grafana-piechart-panel.

Can you access in browser, if not you may have a proxy/network problem.