Grafana-cli crach problem

Hello, I have a problem.
I tried to install a plugin but when I double click on grafana-cli a command window appear and disappear instantaly.
I search on the community website but I found anything.
I have the last Grafana version 6.2.1 and I use windows 10.
Maybe I failed to install correctly Grafana but I don’t know where.
Please can I have some help ?

Thank you !

grfana-cli.exe is tool to perform some work like install plug-in. You can see the details by going running command on grafana-cli.exe on command line (cmd) window.
For example to install plugin, you go to bin folder and you can run following command.

grafana-cli plugins install grafana-clock-panel

if you double click, it will not run and disappear. you have to go to command window and run command
grfana-clie from /bin folder.