How to open cli window in grafana

I am able to start the grafana server and also able to the see the grafana UI from browser using the link as http://localhost:8080/?orgId=1 but am not able to open grafana cli when i click on grafana-cli in C:\grafana-4.6.3\bin folder.

Please help me …Your early response really apprecited .


Clicking on grafana-cli will just make the program open, display its help, and then close along with the window.

Its a CLI tool. CLI means Command Line Interface. You have to open a CMD window to use it. CD to the grafana directory and then execute the commands. It works fine under windows.

@imurphy thanks a lot. yes its working as expected .
I have one more doubt here.
Am trying to integrate external API (exposed API) with grafana . I have gone through some site it can be done using simpleJson .The below link i referred .

but am not sure how to do that. now i could able to down load simpleJson plugin and i have added in “C:\grafana-4.6.3\data\plugins” path for which i am able to see simpleJson in "add Data Source " page .

Please add your valuable inputs here to proceed and let me suggest am going in correct direction or not .


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Sorry, I’m new to grafana and know nothing about the api

I am also interested in this topic. Binding External API with grafana.
Does anyone found solution to this?