Please help with loki installation

I have installed the last loki helm chart in version 2 of this chart. I’m trying to upgrade to v3 and it seems that it won’t work. The documentation to this is very poor and unclear.

  • Could someone explain me the equivalences between the loki chart v2 and the v3? All of the sudden there are more microservices and it’s not clear what’s the equivalence between them and the old “single pod” way
  • What endpoint should now promtail listen to? the gateway one or the read one? Before, there was only one loki enpoint at port 3100 and that’s it
  • What’s the deal with the kubernetes alpha features that the chart does not give an option to choose? For many cloud providers (aws with eks in my case) alpha features are not supported. This makes the read deployment of loki break

Thanks in advance and regards