Difference between helm charts loki and loki-stack

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Can someone explain what are the difference(s) between the helm chart loki and the one called loki-stack ?

Looking at the values of the former, the values cover a complete loki configuration where the latter is quite empy

# values for loki in loki-stack
  enabled: true
  isDefault: true
  url: http://{{(include "loki.serviceName" .)}}:{{ .Values.loki.service.port }}
      path: /ready
      port: http-metrics
    initialDelaySeconds: 45
      path: /ready
      port: http-metrics
    initialDelaySeconds: 45
    jsonData: "{}"
    uid: ""

I can’t find documentation explaining why choosing one over the other, and how use loki-stack if this the correct to use (yes I’m a helm newbie)


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Hi @bmm_alc - loki-stack is no longer maintained and shouldn’t be used. The differece. is just how they’re put together, and that loki-stack depended on a different helm chart that has aged out.

The right way to go is the loki helmchart if you want SSD mode or loki-distributed if you’re interested on microservices mode.

More information on the modes (SSD vs. microservices) is here:

Thanks for the clarification @davidallen5

I would suggest to add the information loki-stack is deprecated on the page loki-stack 2.9.10 · grafana/grafana.


a couple of sugestions

@davidallen5 Repeating the request above, loki-stack should be marked as deprecated or at least have a warning in the description here. Seeing updates pushed to it regularly made me think it might be revived, but I had seen the source on GitHub previously saying it was deprecated.

hi @davidallen5 , while I am trying to setup loki-helm chart, I am unable to add any service as datasource in grafana. I remember sometime back we had a setup where we used to add service named query or something to add as data source in grafana if all of them exist in same cluster.
Really need some help as I am stuck with it.
I Try to explain this with example. If we go with loki-distributed, then we add “http://loki-loki-distributed-query-frontend.loki:3100” as url in loki datasource.